Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week 13

Samples of the plants the night before the last day of class. Pretty nice. The stalks have begun to take on some red coloring and the leaves have become serrated.

The progress of both plants

Some more documentation of both plants by week 12.

More documentation of the growth

Week 12. The plant is a pretty impressive specimen by now.

Impressive growth

I replanted some seeds in pot #2, and after another week I began to see some impressive sprouts from both pots.

Pot #2

These were the plants growing in the second pot. They were growing slower because two of the seeds were in close proximity with each other and were competing for resources.

Growth continues

The sprouts continued after another 3 days. I was impressed at the progress over a pretty short period of time.

Life will find a way

I began seeing faint sprouts after only 6 days. I watered every 2 days and kept the plants on my dinner table, where they would be exposed to sunlight, but not too much else.

The beginning

I planted 4 radish seeds each in two coffee mugs. This was where it all started, around week 6.